Why I’m giving away FREE books

Both books free days bannerAm I feeling generous? Am I feeling altruistic? Probably a bit of both, but I’m also giving away my two novels as free Kindle Downloads so that I can reach out to you as a potential reader. Let’s face it, if you’ve never heard of me and never read any of my work, then why should you wish to risk your hard earned cash?

Visiting Lilly free days 1-5 AugustThe days of leisurely browsing in a bookstore are fast fading. They certainly are where I live. We’ve got a Waterstones bookstore in Guildford, some eight miles away, and a Smiths stationers and a Waterstones in Farnham, some four miles away. Neither of these bookshops stock my books, and goodness only knows how hard I’ve tried to get them on their shelves. Without a mainstream publisher the odds of getting prime placement are extremely slim indeed. So, I have to find other ways or gaining an audience for my novels.

Saving Anna free daysAmazon is packed choc-a-block with all kinds of novels, but how often do you feel like taking a risk on a new author without first having had a personal recommendation? Not often. I did a little bit of market research recently and a lot of the people I spoke to said that they didn’t always trust book reviews and preferred to have new reading material recommended to them by friends or family. In other words, someone they knew had already purchased the product and thought it was good enough to mention.

Great stories don’t sell themselves. Do you remember what happened when J.K. Rowling moved away from writing the Harry Potter series and launched her first novel under her new pseudonym of Robert Galbraith? That’s right, they didn’t sell! Why not? Because absolutely nobody had ever heard of Robert Galbraith before and didn’t want to take the risk. Fortunately a little birdie let the cat out of the bag, and as soon as everyone knew that it was a novel by J.K. Rowling, a famous author, the book shot up the ranks quicker than you could snap your fingers.

You can call my free download days a tester or a taster, but whichever word you choose, I’m handing out freebies so that you can sample the goods. Most of all, if you like the product, I’d like you to come back for more because you thoroughly enjoyed the stories and took my characters to your hearts.

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