Visiting Lilly Book 1 of the Jake Talbot Investigates mystery series

Visiting Lilly

Book 1

Jake Talbot Investigates

Why should a man at a Surrey police station go ballistic because someone tries to visit Lilly, his elderly grandmother?

Detective Inspector Jake Talbot is intrigued, and this little puzzle might serve to distract him from sorrows of a Christmas past. Soon he is entangled with Frankie, an odd young man who claims to have met Lilly in her youth. Talbot dismisses the notion of time travel, but then discovers the Ministry of Defence has been monitoring Frankie since his friend disappeared ten years previously. Forced to work with the MOD, Talbot unearths family secrets and betrayals. The families act ruthlessly to prevent him from discovering the facts, colluding to ruin him.

If Frankie is innocent, Talbot won’t let him be victimised. An uneasy understanding grows between them as they follow the evidence, for only the truth will allow Frankie to visit Lilly.


‘One final note is one of the main characters might have been written to be on the autistic spectrum (as I am) and, if so, the author’s interpretation of it is good and sympathetic without being mentioned or being part of the story.’ ~ John Naylor – Goodreads

‘…keeps you gripped in the story that you think you have the answers to, but in the end the twists really are twisted, and in the end you smile … I suggest you get out there and buy it, and then order the sequel …’ ~ Yvonne Cleminson

‘At last, a detective novel with a really unexpected twist! … Author Toni Allen’s contemporary voice leads us on so smoothly into each twist and turn of the tale that we are not only convinced by it, but want to read more …’ ~ Mary Rosambeau

‘An intriguing story … a page turner … An interesting, growing friendship between the chain-smoking detective and the strange creator of the time machine … Succinctly written.’ ~ S. M. Morling

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