Being Richard

A contemporary paranormal mystery/thriller about an immortal Being Richard coverwhose quiet life is disrupted.

Being immortal has never been easy.

Some people are born immortal – some are made immortal.

Towards the edge of Surrey, near the Hampshire border, lies the rural village of Elstead. If you follow the River Wey westwards you’ll arrive at Thundry Meadows, an ancient sacred site dedicated to the god Thor. It’s a place of beauty and mystery, where the river runs clean and owls hoot in the night. Over two and a half thousand years ago a man was born there, Sunbeerka, son of the swamp lord; bred to be sacrificed to Thor if the tribe was ever in danger, his destiny to give his life for the sake of his people. Some spirits refuse to die, and Sunbeerka lives on, quietly, near his birth place in Elstead.

He isn’t lonely, but being immortal has its downfalls. The recurrence of loss, the memories, and the continual need for a new identity before everyone questions why he looks so young. From the start he knew that Richard Ridley didn’t feel safe; dying in infancy, and apparently unloved. He has no intention of being Richard. But then a man turns up claiming to be from the Special Investigation Department; and he’s forced to take on Richard’s identity, or be locked up – forever. All the department wants is for him to help them find other immortals – or do they?

He’s terrified at having his life controlled by others, but can’t rest until he’s discovered why Richard’s short life upsets him so much. Defying the department’s instructions, he sets about investigating his history. Uncovering Richard’s past proves dangerous, even for an immortal.

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