Wild Wednesday – Common Lizard

Common lizard at Elstead boardwalk

The boardwalk at Thursley Common and Elstead Moat is one of my favourite places to walk and take photos. In summer the boardwalk is teaming with basking lizards of all ages. I’ve seen young lizards smaller than my little finger and mature lizards ranging in colour from brown through to a wonderful iridescent green. Frighten them and they’ll lose the end of their tails (which grow back again) and any sudden vibration, or a shadow falling across their faces, will have them scuttling for cover.

I was really surprised to come across this little fella on Monday, 13th March, as I didn’t think they’d have woken from their hibernation yet. It was such a rare treat so early in the year, but the warm and sunny day had obviously encouraged a first foray up onto the boardwalk to sunbathe. I got the impression that he (or she – sorry, but I can’t tell male and female lizards apart!) was still sleepy because he didn’t run away or appear to be particularly bothered by my presence, which is unusual. Isn’t he lovely!

Thursley Common is a heathland Site of Special Scientific Interest and national nature reserve in Surrey.

Don’t forget to pop back for next week’s Wild Wednesday posting – in the meantime, I’ll keep my eye out for some more interesting wildlife sightings to share with you.




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