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Sexual interpretations for all 78 tarot cards, including reverse meanings. These interpretations are drawn from practical experience. I outline a variety of sexual preferences and activities that can be seen for each card during a reading when the questioner is enquiring about sex or relationship. Interpretations for each Court Card offer insight into what type of person someone may be involved with; and sexual compatibility. Examples of card combinations are included to aid in depth understanding of how a reading will work in practice.

Suitable for beginners and more advanced tarot readers.

This book contains sexually explicit material and is only suitable for adults


‘Toni Allen has done it again. Her first book on the tarot presented a whole new way of reading the tarot. Now comes this book, which is like a companion to her first book. Most tarot books today (and yesterday) do not discuss sex at all. Which is wrong because sex is a major factor in living in this world and should not be ignored. With this book one can learn what your partner REALLY likes, what the date you are are going on REALLY wants relationship-wise. Her book adds another dimension to a tarot reading that most tarot readers today cannot provide. Her writing is clear, direct, and humorous. A highly informative book that is fun to read. Get it if you do tarot readings–either professionally or just for yourself and friends.’~ Read Greyer, Amazon review

‘If you come into doing romance readings, then this book will give you an excellent insight into the sex lives of the tarot. You always hear about the sex lives of the zodiac. Well worth the purchase I’d say!’ ~ Miss j Gillespie, Amazon review

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