#30DaysWild – Day 2 – Bugs

Two bugs mating

Rhopalus subrufus

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_02Yesterday, sitting in my little patch I dare call a garden, taking in the sunshine, I spotted something shiny winking at me from one of my hardy geraniums. Taking a closer look I found these two bugs mating so rushed indoors to grab my camera before they ran off. They were still there when I returned, far too busy to want to fly away – although they did keep moving around when I got too close.

My bug book wasn’t much help at identifying them but a quick internet search turned up a fab website with lots of pictures so I think I’ve correctly identified them as Rhopalus subrufus Thank you http://www.britishbugs.org.uk/ for creating such a terrific resource.

Bugs mating

If I haven’t identified them correctly please let me know. There are many subtle variations on these little beasties so I could well be wrong. When Mother Nature thought these ones up she made the prettiest sparkly jewels that on a bright day shine brighter than diamonds. I think I’ll rename them ‘Little Gems,’ it’s an apt description and much easier to say than their official name.

Bugs mating

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