Why I’ve been AWOL

I’ve been absent without leave and I expect you’ve been wondering why. In short, my website fell to bits!

You see, the thing is, I’m a writer, and all of the writing experts constantly remind me that as a writer I need to hone my world-building skills. World-building sounds rather grand but what they’re referring to is my ability to create a sense of place within my stories. Where does the action happen? In a city with bright lights, in a mystical garden inhabited by white unicorns or a futuristic landscape with two moons shining throughout the night? I need to describe the scene and set the mood.

In a novel I can do this efficiently, neatly, quickly with a few lines of prose strung in between dialogue. However, it does appear that building a stable world within cyberspace is far more challenging. My virtual world started to crumble when my website theme required an update. I was warned that without this update my virtual world would start to lose functionality and exciting features would be denied me. Filled with dread at losing out on all of these modern, sparkly extras, I rushed to update my theme. Ooops!

Disaster struck, as it does in all good storylines. My links strode across the page to reside in dark corners and my widgets vanished. I suspected sabotage but was assured by my theme’s tech support that all I needed to do was update WordPress. Armed with information on how to repair my world I downloaded every scrap of new, new, new I could lay my hands on. This proved to be akin to stacking a small room full of incendiary devices then blithely striking a match. Boom!

My world was now in tatters. Rubble lay at my feet, the ruins echoed with small voices whispering, ‘has she given up on her website?’ and my loyal band of followers joined me over on Facebook.

For a while I sat amongst the smoking ruins, unable to code my world back into existence. Words on a page I can write, gobbledygook I cannot. Out of the dying embers rose a warrior, a wise man with knowledge of code and CSS and child themes. ‘I shall help you rebuild your world,’ he said and strode off to tackle the mighty enemy known as tech support. ‘What shall I do while you’re gone?’ I called after him. He glanced over his shoulder and smiled. “Do what you do best, write a novel. Leave the reconstruction of Toni’s world up to me.’

While he went off to fight the enemy I sat down and wrote, knowing that in time my world would once again shine in cyberspace and I would be able to create a sense of place, a home for my novels.

Once again I invite you in to sit and drink tea with me. I’m eager to let you know all about the new cozy murder mystery series I’m working on and introduce you to a young antiques dealer called Joshua Reynolds. To find out more and hear about all of the exciting projects I have in the pipeline sign up right now for my occasional newsletter or follow my blog via email.




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