30 Days Wild Challenge

Can you do something wild every day in June? The 30 Days Wild Challenge is organised by the UK’s Wildlife Trust but you don’t have to live in the UK to join in. All it involves is paying attention to wildlife every day throughout the entire month of June. Listen to birdsong, walk in the woods or take your laptop outside when you’re writing up a report or sweating over your latest novel. In fact, you can do anything that gets you closer to nature.

Surrey Wildlife Trust’s (SWT) patron, the Oscar-winning actress  Dame Judi Dench, has appeared in a video to promote the charity’s annual event. Watch the video and be inspired with fresh ideas on how you and your family can go wild for 30 days.

I’ve signed up for my free pack of goodies which includes wildflower seeds, stickers and a wallchart so that I can record my Random Acts of Wildness. As you know, I love wildlife, so I’ve set myself another challenge and will be taking a wild photo every day and posting it here so that you can join me in my wild journey. You’re welcome to post your own photos in the comments box or on my Facebook page.

I’m starting early with a video I took the other day of some cute baby Greylag Geese. Although Greylag Geese are very attractive they’re not always the friendliest of birds, especially when they have young, so if you see cygnets be sure to keep small children at a safe distance or they may get a nip. Mainly the adults hiss and warn you not to come too close! When I shot this video I was using a camera with a super-zoom and at least ten feet away.

Let’s all make June a month to remember. These little cygnets will be juveniles and there’ll be lots of exciting wildlife to photograph, listen to and interact with.

Baby Greylag Geese

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6 Responses

  1. synthikat says:

    Lovely video. Beautiful. This challenge is a great idea! Connecting with Nature is a must. I look forward to seeing your daily pics.

    • ToniAllenAuthor says:

      Thanks Daniel. The little cygnets were so cute I just had to share them with everyone. You’re so right, connecting to nature is a must for our health and happiness.

  2. Zinzi says:

    Gorgeous photo of the cygnets, they’re absolutely adorable! Looking forward to seeing more throughout June <3

    • ToniAllenAuthor says:

      Thanks Zinzi. I’m so excited to be taking part in the 30 Days Wild Challenge, who knows what I’ll find to photograph 🙂

  3. hawthorn-livelovecraft says:

    I love the inspiration that doing the 30DaysWild challenge gives 🙂 It is a lovely reminder to open my eyes and see what is out there, those cygnets have just a curious glint in their eyes – well done for capturing it 🙂

    • ToniAllenAuthor says:

      Thank you 🙂 Are you taking up the 30DaysWild challenge too? Yoo’re so right about taking more time to observe nature and I’m already seeing things I’d never noticed before. Such fun! 🙂

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