Wild Wednesday – Bank Vole


Yesterday was so overcast that we gave up looking for anything exciting to photograph and started making our way back to the car for a coffee when this little fella popped out of his home to say hello. I only spotted him because the ground was uneven and I was watching where to put my feet.

This little bank vole is no more than two inches long and the cutest rodent you’ll ever find. His home is under tree roots and when he first met my gaze he watched me take a few shots before scurrying away. To my surprise, he came back for another look and posed some more, unafraid until a tiny noise spooked him.

Now that I know where he lives maybe I’ll see him again, but if he’s not careful he might end up as a packed lunch for an owl or fox. I don’t think he will because he’s so safe living under the tree.

When was the last time you spotted such a tiny creature out in the wild?

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2 Responses

  1. Kay says:

    A moment of delight, a message about having “a place” in the world, and being safe and sharing your good fortune with the passing photographer. With nothing but gray skies and unending rain here for months, I now have an idea to look for a tiny creature near the sea …

    • ToniAllenAuthor says:

      What a beautiful response, Kay. I’m so glad you found my photo inspiring and recognise the fleeting connection I made with this wild animal. When you too find a tiny creature, please share your photo if you manage to grab one.

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