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Short Story Success

As a writer it’s easy to get into the doldrums and believe that your work simply isn’t good enough to stand out amongst the crowd. If you have a book out there it’s uplifting to receive a five star review because it affirms that what you’ve written is readable and enjoyable. Your work gave someone pleasure, so much so that they took the time to reward you. When your readers are busy reading and not feeling like pressing the ‘rate this book’ button, then you need to explore other roads for encouragement. This is why I tried my hand at...

Legendary Writing blog post Part 1 0

Author Interview with Legendary Writing Part 1

I was so excited when LegendaryWriting of Instagram invited me for an author interview. I’ve been following their posts for a while and they have a fabulous writing community, offering loads of inspiration for writers and generating true conversations. When my interview questions arrived they hadn’t simply churned out the same old stuff, such as ‘when did you start to write?’. They took a genuine interest in my writing and geared their questions towards me, which is pretty awesome – and refreshing. Here are the questions they posed: What do you think is the biggest mistake writers make when writing...