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Reheating my novel 0

Why I’m reheating a novel

When I was being published by Booktrope my writing life took a different turn than I’d envisaged. We agreed that I should build on my characters Jake Talbot and Frankie Hayward to create a series, in which Finding Louisa will be book 3. I have yet another plotline devised for my two heroes, so I could write a fourth book, but I’ve decided to set them aside for a while. My reasoning for this is simple. I’d like to pitch fresh work out to publishing houses and agents, but I feel it’ll be more difficult to attract their attention if...

I'm going to steal your name 0

How I use genealogy and research to name my characters

Sometimes the muse visits while writing and the perfect name for a character springs to mind. However, most of the time that pesky muse is on holiday, basking on distant shores and refusing to pack her bags and return home to help out a poor struggling writer. So, what do I do when I’m stuck for the right name? I have two main tools in my writer’s kit bag: I steal a name I do research to find the perfect name How I go about stealing a name for my character. Rest assured that I don’t walk around asking random...

dog and thought bubble 0

Why you need a PFS for your book

Prior to being published by Booktrope I Indie published, so you’d think that having to dip back into the world of Independent publishing wouldn’t be such a hard task. Wrong! The industry has moved on, and so have I. Booktrope was based on team publishing, and one incredibly valuable member of my team was my Book Manager. No, she did not rush around marketing my book for me, but what she did do is scour the internet for every possible marketing opportunity. She lined up author interviews, ensured my editor and I were keeping to our deadlines, and constantly nagged...