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How a negative ritique can provide useful feedback 2

How a negative critique can provide useful feedback

After last week’s rant about negative and unhelpful feedback on creative writing, I thought I’d show you how to mine for diamonds in amongst the dross. In my critique group we read our work to each other, and this is the format that many creating writing groups choose because it’s interactive and offers an opportunity for constructive discussion. Group Dynamics: the Soul of Critique Every writer is respected no matter what their level of expertise Every project has worth. Every reader’s opinion is valid. Critique techniques will: Help the author distinguish what was conveyed versus what was meant Find strengths...

I'm going to steal your name 0

How I use genealogy and research to name my characters

Sometimes the muse visits while writing and the perfect name for a character springs to mind. However, most of the time that pesky muse is on holiday, basking on distant shores and refusing to pack her bags and return home to help out a poor struggling writer. So, what do I do when I’m stuck for the right name? I have two main tools in my writer’s kit bag: I steal a name I do research to find the perfect name How I go about stealing a name for my character. Rest assured that I don’t walk around asking random...

People watching 0

Stuck for what to write about? Try this.

People often ask where I get my ideas from, but as a writer it isn’t always the entire storyline that’s my focus. Just like many other writers I’m a people watcher, an observer of human behaviour – yes,  I’m downright nosey. This is all well and good for character studies, so that I can create well-rounded protagonists or villains, but what about the objects and locations my star cast interact with? What does the stage-set look like? Paying attention to the incidental things in life is vital when writing a longer piece – in fact, when writing any piece of...