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Why you need a PFS for your book

Prior to being published by Booktrope I Indie published, so you’d think that having to dip back into the world of Independent publishing wouldn’t be such a hard task. Wrong! The industry has moved on, and so have I. Booktrope was based on team publishing, and one incredibly valuable member of my team was my Book Manager. No, she did not rush around marketing my book for me, but what she did do is scour the internet for every possible marketing opportunity. She lined up author interviews, ensured my editor and I were keeping to our deadlines, and constantly nagged...

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Books Relaunched 99¢ Kindle Price Promo

After the disappointment of my publisher, Booktrope, announcing its closure, I decided to work hard and Indie publish my books. One door closed and this one has opened. Who knows where it will lead! To celebrate my successful relaunch I’m offering both books in my Jake Talbot Investigates series at the ridiculously low price of 99₵, which translates in English to 99p. Less than a cup of coffee in Starbucks! What’s even better is that you can grab a copy for FREE on Kindle Unlimited. Where to buy: Visiting Lilly Amazon US    Amazon UK Saving Anna Amazon US    Amazon UK...

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The Introverted Writer

A new website, a new blog. This blank page is the ultimate in blank pages, so I greet it with far more trepidation than starting a novel. With a novel I have a story to tell, characters I can move around the page, imaginary people I can depend on to amuse and entertain you. This is not a novel. This blank sheet I type on is a lonely place, with only myself for company. My publisher, Booktrope, has announced its closure, so now I must venture forth on my own – go Indie, relaunch, reinvent – be bold. “Why am...