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Visiting Lilly Thunderclap 1-5 Aug 2016 0

Free Download Days Coming Soon!

Now is the time to add Visiting Lilly to your Amazon wish list so that you don’t forget to download your FREE Kindle copy between 1st August – 5th August. Saving Anna will also be free during the same period – so what are you waiting for? I’m running a Thunderclap campaign to promote my free Kindle download days and I’d really appreciate your support. If you’re also running a campaign let me know and I’ll return the favour. Help spread the word. Share this post. Save

Reheating my novel 0

Why I’m reheating a novel

When I was being published by Booktrope my writing life took a different turn than I’d envisaged. We agreed that I should build on my characters Jake Talbot and Frankie Hayward to create a series, in which Finding Louisa will be book 3. I have yet another plotline devised for my two heroes, so I could write a fourth book, but I’ve decided to set them aside for a while. My reasoning for this is simple. I’d like to pitch fresh work out to publishing houses and agents, but I feel it’ll be more difficult to attract their attention if...

Mating hoverflies 0

Wild Wednesday – Photo Interlude

I’m a writer, I love words, but I also take photos, mostly of wildlife and the countryside. So I thought it would be fun to share one of my recent photos from my Instagram feed. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Toni Allen Author (@listansus) I was walking home from a nearby meadow, where I’d been chasing damselflies and trying to photograph them, when I spotted something interesting. The road opposite my home has a small grass verge and on a long blade of grass were these two hoverflies having fun. It was the most exciting wildlife...

5 reasons to include weather in storytelling 0

5 reasons to include weather in storytelling

Here in England we’ve had a pretty dynamic week – and I’m not talking about Brexit. With almost fifty percent of voters wanting to remain but the exit voters winning, I’m now living in a country divided by political opinion. It’s impossible to open my mouth and say anything without the other person having an opposing reaction to the referendum result, so it’s wiser, much wiser, for me to keep my thoughts to myself. Hence, I’m going to talk about the other British obsession, the weather. In the past fortnight we’ve had rain, rain and more rain. We’ve had floods,...

I'm going to steal your name 0

How I use genealogy and research to name my characters

Sometimes the muse visits while writing and the perfect name for a character springs to mind. However, most of the time that pesky muse is on holiday, basking on distant shores and refusing to pack her bags and return home to help out a poor struggling writer. So, what do I do when I’m stuck for the right name? I have two main tools in my writer’s kit bag: I steal a name I do research to find the perfect name How I go about stealing a name for my character. Rest assured that I don’t walk around asking random...

People watching 0

Stuck for what to write about? Try this.

People often ask where I get my ideas from, but as a writer it isn’t always the entire storyline that’s my focus. Just like many other writers I’m a people watcher, an observer of human behaviour – yes,  I’m downright nosey. This is all well and good for character studies, so that I can create well-rounded protagonists or villains, but what about the objects and locations my star cast interact with? What does the stage-set look like? Paying attention to the incidental things in life is vital when writing a longer piece – in fact, when writing any piece of...

Introvert versus extrovert 2

The Introverted Writer

A new website, a new blog. This blank page is the ultimate in blank pages, so I greet it with far more trepidation than starting a novel. With a novel I have a story to tell, characters I can move around the page, imaginary people I can depend on to amuse and entertain you. This is not a novel. This blank sheet I type on is a lonely place, with only myself for company. My publisher, Booktrope, has announced its closure, so now I must venture forth on my own – go Indie, relaunch, reinvent – be bold. “Why am...