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Wild Wednesday – Common Lizard

The boardwalk at Thursley Common and Elstead Moat is one of my favourite places to walk and take photos. In summer the boardwalk is teaming with basking lizards of all ages. I’ve seen young lizards smaller than my little finger and mature lizards ranging in colour from brown through to a wonderful iridescent green. Frighten them and they’ll lose the end of their tails (which grow back again) and any sudden vibration, or a shadow falling across their faces, will have them scuttling for cover. I was really surprised to come across this little fella on Monday, 13th March, as...

Swan at Frensham Pond 0

Wild Wednesday – Swan on Frensham Little Pond

I quite often visit Frensham Little Pond to photograph the wildlife and mull over the plot of my current novel in progress, Murder in the Meadow. One day the two guys I was with helped out by enacting a car chase scene, each one being a car and running along the track then bumping into each other to work out how the cars would move and what might happen. Passers-by thought we were totally bonkers as we argued, discussed and got quite heated over the details. “It’s okay, she’s a writer!” they explained, which resulted in smiles and various pleasant...

Mating hoverflies 0

Wild Wednesday – Photo Interlude

I’m a writer, I love words, but I also take photos, mostly of wildlife and the countryside. So I thought it would be fun to share one of my recent photos from my Instagram feed. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Toni Allen Author (@listansus) I was walking home from a nearby meadow, where I’d been chasing damselflies and trying to photograph them, when I spotted something interesting. The road opposite my home has a small grass verge and on a long blade of grass were these two hoverflies having fun. It was the most exciting wildlife...