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Why I’ve been AWOL

I’ve been absent without leave and I expect you’ve been wondering why. In short, my website fell to bits! You see, the thing is, I’m a writer, and all of the writing experts constantly remind me that as a writer I need to hone my world-building skills. World-building sounds rather grand but what they’re referring to is my ability to create a sense of place within my stories. Where does the action happen? In a city with bright lights, in a mystical garden inhabited by white unicorns or a futuristic landscape with two moons shining throughout the night? I need...

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Why I’m giving away FREE books

Am I feeling generous? Am I feeling altruistic? Probably a bit of both, but I’m also giving away my two novels as free Kindle Downloads so that I can reach out to you as a potential reader. Let’s face it, if you’ve never heard of me and never read any of my work, then why should you wish to risk your hard earned cash? The days of leisurely browsing in a bookstore are fast fading. They certainly are where I live. We’ve got a Waterstones bookstore in Guildford, some eight miles away, and a Smiths stationers and a Waterstones in...

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Understanding Jane Austen

I must admit that until recently I’ve never truly understood why everyone gets so excited about Jane Austen. To my mind her novels have always been classic romantic tales of girl meets boy. Through some disaster, usually a social disaster, girl gets torn away from boy, only to meet boy again, then live happily ever after. The end. Not so fast. This is a highly simplistic way of viewing Austen’s work. Yes, I have been naïve in my understanding and comprehension of what she is actually showing us. When I studied Persuasion at school we all mocked Louisa’s stupidity for...

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Author Interview with Legendary Writing Part 1

I was so excited when LegendaryWriting of Instagram invited me for an author interview. I’ve been following their posts for a while and they have a fabulous writing community, offering loads of inspiration for writers and generating true conversations. When my interview questions arrived they hadn’t simply churned out the same old stuff, such as ‘when did you start to write?’. They took a genuine interest in my writing and geared their questions towards me, which is pretty awesome – and refreshing. Here are the questions they posed: What do you think is the biggest mistake writers make when writing...

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Free Download Days Coming Soon!

Now is the time to add Visiting Lilly to your Amazon wish list so that you don’t forget to download your FREE Kindle copy between 1st August – 5th August. Saving Anna will also be free during the same period – so what are you waiting for? I’m running a Thunderclap campaign to promote my free Kindle download days and I’d really appreciate your support. If you’re also running a campaign let me know and I’ll return the favour. Help spread the word. Share this post. Save

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Why I’m reheating a novel

When I was being published by Booktrope my writing life took a different turn than I’d envisaged. We agreed that I should build on my characters Jake Talbot and Frankie Hayward to create a series, in which Finding Louisa will be book 3. I have yet another plotline devised for my two heroes, so I could write a fourth book, but I’ve decided to set them aside for a while. My reasoning for this is simple. I’d like to pitch fresh work out to publishing houses and agents, but I feel it’ll be more difficult to attract their attention if...