Toni Allen AuthorMy name is Toni Allen and I’m an English author living in Surrey. This website is to introduce you to the weird and wonderful life of a writer, my books and characters.

I’m currently working on my Jake Talbot Investigates mystery series. Starting out as a straightforward no-nonsense kind of a cop, Talbot is thrust into the murky world of investigating crimes related to near-future technology and forced to work alongside the military men who would control it. Everything I write about is plausible, some of it already in production.

On my blog I’ll be posting insights into my characters and their hobbies, (which are really my hobbies! Antiques and genealogy to name but two.) special promotional offers, new releases, and photos of the beautiful locations from my stories. I’m calling my blog Random Ramblings of a Writer so that I have an excuse to share my wildlife, landscape & nature photography, and to witter on about whatever is currently catching my attention.